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NYFW Beauty Trends Fall 2018- Embrace color with statement hair and makeup.





"We are incorporating the colors of Flying Solo's logo into the hair, which are bright yellow and neon blue," said Lobosco. "We're doing a twist by taking long hair and creating a fringe using the ends... so we're winding yellow [pieces] into a bun with a bright blue clip-in extension across the top,"

"This is a good way to give the illusion of bangs without committing to cutting your hair," she adds. "Bright bold color for the fall is what will be trending."


Backstage, at the Flying Solo show, Heather, Alexa and I caught up with Lisa Lobosco, ECRU New York's Creative Director and Samantha Agostino, Lead makeup artist for ECRU New York Beauty. They gave us the scoop first hand before the models hit the runway.

As for makeup, intense eye colors definitely packed a punch on the runway. From bold pink and red lower lid liner to bright fiery red lips, makeup artists encourage you to experiment with color. But, if you go heavy on the eyes, leave the lips bare and vice versa.

"Fresh skin is always in style," says Agostino. "With Flying Solo we always incorporate lots of color from hair to makeup."
















How can you incorporate these looks into your everyday routine? 


Have fun with colorful clip-in extensions to add a wow factor to your usual hair style. I'm excited to create a clean, classy bun with a bold piece of hair wrapped around it for visual interest.   


As for makeup, experiment with different hues - try out a bolder pink lip, a brighter shadow, or even a colored eye pencil. And remember, purple eyeliner and shadows enhance brown and green eyes and dark chocolate browns make blue eyes pop!

Stay smiling! Jennifer 

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