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Living a happy and healthy life isn’t just about eating the right foods and exercising, it’s also about loving yourself and knowing what brings

you the most joy.  

First, change the conversations about yourself.  Choose kind, loving and warm words when speaking about yourself or speaking to yourself.  Look at yourself in the mirror and stare at yourself.  Take a good broad look.  Notice all the things you love about yourself, and those things you don’t love. Begin to speak beauty into those areas.  Know, that you have been designed in the most unique fashion and there isn’t another you out there (even if you’re a twin).  Your features, and I’m not only speaking about your facial lines, I’m also talking about your characteristics, are what make you the most imperfectly perfect you.  Know that you are beautiful, and whatever you might choose to change, is only to enhance your inner and outer beauty.

Love begins with you.  Show up for yourself and take the time to offer yourself self-love. Yes!  Eat healthy, exercise regularly, pamper yourself at home or at a spa, do more yoga, find time to mediate so you can reconnect with yourself and the divine.  Do the things that bring you joy at least once a day.  Go for a walk outdoors and speak to nature.  Reveal all your wants and dreams, and begin the process the filling your life with all the things you want most.  Find that happy place within yourself… that is living a happy and healthy life.


How do I offer myself love?  One of the many ways… I pray and meditate.  

Love & light. Maritza

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