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Happy September! For us moms with kids, that means we're in the back-to-school grind. Early mornings, meal planning, homework, sports, and balancing our own schedules too.  along with Finding the time for ourself can become challenging.  

Knowing the importance of self care and self love is crucial and I too, can lose the balance between taking time for myself because I become so involved in taking care of my family and others.   But eventually, the lack-there-of, always shows up, and when I ignore the signs and don’t attend to myself the only ones who end up suffering are those I love the most. 


It's time to start the new school season with some great intentions and an open heart to put ourselves first so that we can always be better not only for ourselves, but for those we love. 

Implement these 10 simple steps to start your journey to self love & self care...

1. Get up early• Try a quick cardio session, yoga asana practice, or 20 minutes of prayer/meditation for starters.  And when I don't have time for the aforementioned, at the very least, meditation is a must for me. 

2.Drink water as soon as your wake up• and eat a healthy breakfast to help start the day on the right path. 

3.Shower• Let’s face it, many of us moms can go on all day without getting in a quick shower because right after that great sweaty workout we will find a hundred other things we need to get done first.  I do my best to get that early or mid-morning shower in regardless of how pressed for time I might be. 

4.Dress nicely• (even when I wear yoga/fitness attire) because when I dress well I feel even better. 

5.Moisturize•I  don’t always wear make-up, but I make sure my face is glowing by using oils and lotions to moisturize.

6.Brush your hair• or at the very least, throw on a cute hat! 

7.Spending time with yourself• This is so important to me.  My father always said, “when you like yourself, you’ll love spending time with yourself, and you will never feel alone.”  Walking in nature, sitting by the water, going to the mall to just walk around, sitting in the library or the bookstore with a great book to read is one of my many ways to happily spend time with myself. 

8.Sit in stillness• Nothing brings me more peace than sitting in silence and making my mind still. It doesn’t matter if I meditate every morning, I will always find an extra few minutes to become still through out the day.  

9.Offering myself kind and loving words• I don’t always look and feel 100 percent, but it’s in those moments I remind myself that I’m doing the best I can, and that I am blessed and life is a gift. 

10.Work• I am blessed that I get to serve my passion every day. When I’m helping and serving others, I am serving my own form of self love. It brings me peace and joy. 


May these inspire you to do more for you.  How will you offer yourself some self-care and self-love?

I can't wait to hear from you below.

Love & light, 


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