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Heather's Haul:

White House Black Market 

Spring trends

Who loves the spring?! I do! Doesn't it feel amazing to see flowers popping up everywhere? Signs of new beginnings that I think a lot of us need! With a new season comes a new way of dressing, although let's be honest, most trends are cyclical. I"ll show you how to change it up from the same old same, to something that can withstand the ever-changing, yet super recurrent trends.

I took a drive to MarketFair in Princeton to scope out the latest spring trends, and to select my favorites! Over the next few videos I will be rolling out my must-have's and will show you how to wear them and to what type of event.

First up, White House Black Market...who despite their name, carry more than just white and black! Check out my favorite "neutrals."

First look:

Twill Bustier $89; Everyday Soft Denim High-Rise Corset Slim Crops $89; Glamgetter Tee $45; Sheer Sleeve Bomber Jacket $180; Poplin Button-Down Shirt $69, all available at White House Black Market at MarketFair, Princeton


Second look:

Denim Zip Front Dress $160, White House Black Market at MarketFair, Princeton

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