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It’s the year of dressing down, but that doesn't mean your style has to suffer. 


It’s the year of dressing for comfort, but that doesn't mean your style has to suffer. I sat down with HipNJ to show viewers how to style sweatpants, because after all, isn't that what we've been pretty much living in this past year? And what’s better than being comfortable AND stylish ?  

Below are my some of my tips to bring your stay-at-home style up several notches!

2020-2021...the years of constant curve balls. So batter batter get ready to catch another one that I'm throwing your way...or get ready to duck and cover!

What do you think about dressing up your sweatpants with accessories? I mean really leveling up!

Below I wore a sweatshirt with puffed sleeves from H&M   (puff sleeves make the sweatshirt a little fancier), and a pair of leggings from Target. Then I dove deep into my treasure trove of jewelry and started layering


I have a lot of fine jewelry, and a lot of costume jewelry, especially statement

.necklaces from J.Crew that I've collected throughout the years

!Now is the time to dig out your fun favorites and start layering them on

!You will definitely stand out on your Zoom calls, in the best way possible of course










  1. Don’t save anything for a rainy day — wear your favorite pieces now!

  2. Find leveled-up basics like a sweatshirt with a puff sleeve to make an outfit more special, or sweats with bold logos, like the Calvin Klein sweatshirt with logos printed on the sleeve (above).

  3. Layer layer layer! Mix and match fine jewelry with costume jewelry on your neck, wrists, AND (not OR) fingers! 

  4. Start with the basics and then add in fun, statement pieces.

  5. Go for comfort first, then fashion. When I was younger, I always said, "Fashion before feeling." I definitely work the opposite now and start with comfort first! Because if I'm uncomfortable, that will show in my presentation and the way I carry myself.

  6. Add a fun accessory like a sequined clutch or a  pop of color or pattern in your shoes. If you're not quite ready for something as bold, sweep a bright pink, red, or coral across your lips, and a fun polish on your nails.  

My best advice when it comes to fashion right now is to do what feels right for YOU! Trust me, the trends will come and go, and then come back around again and again. And not all of the trends will be right for you, and that's ok! Have fun with fashion and you will have a winning look every time!

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How to style your sweatpants:

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