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Raffaele Lauretta

32, Saddle Brook resident connected his two passions: sports and medicine, to create a product that will forever change the way you eat, perform, and think about your DNA.

Lauretta, a graduate of Don Bosco Prep, played soccer in Italy and professionally for The New Jersey Stallions (now defunct), while a senior in high school, then graduated Pre-Med from Ramapo College. 

"After graduation, I found myself gravitating toward the business side of medicine, which lead me to medical marketing," says Lauretta. "I realized that I wanted to connect my two passions: sports and medicine so I created Athletic Genetix."

With a quick 20 second swab of the inside of your cheek, then a two week turn around at the lab, you can find out the following: vitamin and mineral deficiencies, what foods you should and shouldn't eat, and how you should be exercising.

"In my playing days, people would ask me all the time what I am eating, and how I training, I would help them exactly what I was doing, but I would also add that what works for me, won't necessarily work for them. For that reason, a diet and exercise regimen has to be customized for each person," he adds. "I wanted to create a test that would help people learn about their needs, what their bodies lack, and what fuels them. The goal is to make people healthier and stronger by optimizing their performance in the eating and training arenas. This DNA-based test is tailored to athletes as well as those seeking general health information and looking to live a healthier life."

What’s included:

☑️Lab results
☑️Consultation with a Certified Dietitian

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