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Choose Peace


There’s a part of us that will always allow negative thoughts and doubts to capture our attention, it's human nature, because as we all know, life isn't always rainbows and butterflies. But when that noise tries to disrupt and distract us from thinking positively and freely, from being productive and pursuant of our goals and dreams, it's time to learn how to refocus and redirect. It’s ok to listen to the noise to acknowledge doubt and fear, but do not let allow the noise to take over all of your thoughts.  

Instead, try to replace "the noise" with a sense of peace to clear the way for your thoughts to come to a resolution. Instead of harping over what the negative thoughts are trying to create, which often is chaos, use this time to recognize a problem and begin resolve.

There have been many times in my life when a negative thought has hit me so deeply that I've repeatedly gone over it in my mind and harped on it, studied it, focused all my attention on it. Whether it was something I saw as a negative act toward me or any other kind of disappointment, going over it numerous times on repeat, has never helped me reach a positive outcome.

Instead I’ve learned to create peace within myself by asking, “How can I grow from this,  whatever 'this' might be."  By redirecting and asking the right questions (either to yourself, to the Universe, God, whatever/whoever you believe in), you will allow yourself to begin to find a solution to the problem.  This practice will also create a peaceful setting for what has already felt so heavy.  

I encourage you to regain your freedom, peace, and power back from negative thoughts and clear the noise that serves no positive purpose. Replace the noise with loving and solution provoking thoughts, as well as direct questions.

“How can I grow from this?”

“What is the lesson in this?”

“What is the positive in this?”

“How may I serve?”

Changing your way of thinking, often changes your mood, energy, and the outcome of a particular situation. 

What practices do you find helpful? Share below and let me know how these work for you.

Love & Light, 


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