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The Bergen County Bible sat down with Cassie Gould, 30, to talk about kids, crayons and her colorful creations.

The stay-at-home Mahwah mom of sons Colton, 6 months, and Ryker, 4, makes personalized birthday gifts and favors that are sure to please even the littlest critiques.

The BCB: Tell us about Crayons by Cassie and why you started.

CG: I wanted to make creative favors for my son Ryker’s pre-school class. Something the kids could use, something that allergies weren’t a concern, and something that wasn’t a little junky toy that would be tossed in the garbage.

The BCB: How did a business develop from making favors for Ryker’s class?

CG: Mom’s in the class started asking about the crayons. I told them I made them and they wanted to order them, so I decided to give my creative outlet a business name and venture on! My mom and I used to make all sorts of crafts for my classes growing up, and it’s something that I love doing now for my son and his class. I really enjoy the creative process, and with allergies being so prevalent (both of my sons have allergies), I love that Crayons by Cassie is a favor that parents don’t have to worry about, and children can create their own artwork with.

The BCB: They’re so cute, colorful, and obviously useful! 

CG: Thank you! I only use Crayola Crayons because I’ve found the colors to be the most vibrant and they draw the best. 

The BCB: What styles do you make?

CG: The name crayons are my biggest sellers. They come in a box, with the child’s name stamped on it, and colorful yarn wrapped around it. The initial and shape crayons (LEGOS, animals, cupcakes, flowers, butterflies-you name it) come in a lucite bag with the child’s name on an attached tag. Those are especially great for party favors!

The BCB: Once I place an order, how long does it take to receive them? 


CG: Less than a week! If it’s a small order, only a few days. I offer local pick up and shipping options. You can add the crayons to any gift, give them with a coloring book as a favor, or simply, on their own. Since you can personalize them, it makes each one unique to that child, which makes them feel special.


Special incentive to The BCB readers: Mention us to Cassie for 20 percent off orders of $50 or more!

Facebook: Crayons by Cassie

Instagram: Crayons by Cassie 

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