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Over the years I’ve noticed how our goals ebb and flow with the seasons. I had a conversation with one of my clients the other day and it left me thinking about why it’s so easy to give up on our goals…


Here’s the don’t have to be a genius to launch a program, or to get a steady stream of clients, because if you follow these simple, yet strategic steps, you can build a profitable business in almost no time. The strategies are simple — the more you focus on completing the outlined “to-do’s” the easier it is to stay on track and make money.


During the conversation with my client she said she felt "overwhelmed and disappointed" with herself because she had a few unexpected things happen all at once and fell behind schedule.


Disappointment often leads people to quitting their goals altogether. However, she knew I wouldn’t let her off the hook that easily because at the beginning of our relationship I promised I would hold her accountable every step of the way. So we laughed it off and I made mention of how at the beginning of the year we all get excited and try to put everything aside just to reach our goals. But sometime between New Year’s and the beginning of summer, life happens and losing sight of your goals becomes easy when things get hectic.


So here’s the NOT take your foot off the proverbial gas pedal during the summer months. If you can focus in the summer time (amidst vacations, pool, sun and fun and kid's schedules) and get your ducks in a row, then you will succeed in the fall. The more organized you get in the summer, the more money you can make when the kids go back to school! It’s actually a great time to work, (pool side if you can)! So lets get into it and stick together to achieve our goals.


"11 Tips to Staying On Track and Not Losing Sight of Your Goals" 


1. Start/stay working in your zone of genius. Your zone of genius AKA your “unique brilliance” is something you’ve been good at your whole life. You may not even consider it’s something you can do for a living because it’s such a “no brainer” that you probably ignore it and push it to the side constantly. In fact there’s no way you can convince me that you can’t create a business that fulfills your bank account and your heart. Most people live in their “zone of competence” or “zone of excellence” but doing something just because you're really good at it is still exhausting. When you build your goals around your zone of genius you will be energized and therefore you’ll be less likely to quit!


2. Work on your mindset like it’s your full time job. I've never met a successful person that didn't have a platinum mindset. Focus on it or you will be insecure and always be doubting yourself AND putting things off.


3. Safeguard your imagination. Imagination sets the picture (vision) of your goal. It’s the most powerful tool we have. A human being always acts and feels in accordance with what he or she imagines to be true about him/herself. In fact, your nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real experience and an imagined experience.


4. Just because you value living an awesome lifestyle KNOW that if you’re going to be a successful lady boss, you still have to hustle. BUT don't work smart!


5. Know that you can trust yourself. One of the ways to create confidence and feel powerful within yourself is to know that you can trust yourself. One way is to honor your commitments to yourself. Turn your goals into COMMITMENTS and keep them! It's interesting how we more easily keep commitments to others but when it comes to ourselves we slip up...why is that?


6. Decide it. Write it. Speak it out loud. Deciding something in your head is not that powerful because it doesn’t engage your senses. Say it out loud because that helps anchor the energy of what you want.


7. Set boundaries with grace and power! You can't do everything. That's why you may have to say NO to some things. It may be a good idea to own the fact that because you are kind and you care about people you may be overcommitting your time. It’s possible to learn to say NO more often than saying yes to "other peoples priorities” and still be kind and generous. It is part of being an empowered leader and there really is no way around it. The more you safeguard your time, the more time you’ll have to make your dreams a reality.


8. Turn down clients you know in your heart of hearts you can't help. There is so much power in saying "this person is not my best client". And pass them on to someone you think CAN help them. It's a great way to not only safeguard your time but also create GOOD KARMA!


9. Don’t allow yourself to be “the victim” EVER. This means that you take responsibility for EVERYTHING. I think I'm crazy right? Trust me on this. Ultimately, taking responsibility gives you total control and options on what YOU can do.


10. Don’t be a dud. Let your YOU out! Self-consciousness is really "other-consciousness." Being authentically you will give you energy to keep going which will keep you on track to reaching your goals. Stop being paralyzed by what others may or may not be thinking about you. A person can be elegantly, powerfully poised and still be rooted in authenticity and humility.


11. Cut out negative people. If you can stop being around people who utter negative language toward you or others, you’re one step ahead of the game. If every time you come up with an opinion or idea you are squelched or put in your place, you subconsciously learn that it’s alright for you to be a no-body and wrong for you to be a some-body. If you safeguard who you let into your zone of influence and surround yourself with positive people, you will be pulled forward by their energy when times get tough.

Stay empowered,


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