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I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth and have really become so accustomed to my mom's baking that sometimes I find myself unimpressed with desserts (friend's baking, store bought, restaurant, pastry shop). But, let me clarify - I have yet to find a dessert that I don't eat from any of the aforementioned places and usually find something beyond delicious! I digress...

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?

I can't think of anyone either! When I bake, I try to use ingredients that are healthier and don't make me feel as guilty about eating six cookies in a row. What are "healthier" options you ask...


Now, if you're a skeptic like I once was (I used to roll my eyes when someone mentioned gluten-free - now I'm driving that train), make these cookies and I promise you'll change your mind about healthier ingredients and rid your pantry of white flour and sugar -

(well maybe save some).


You'll end up making two batches,

I'll bet ya!


I did not create this recipe (in my book below), but I do alter it here and there to make it my own and switch it up a bit. For example, 

after I use a fork to flatten the cookie balls a bit, I then sprinkle organic coconut flakes on top for a crunchy, delicious finish.

Here you go:

1. almond flour

2. almond meal

3. coconut flour

4. coconut oil

5. organic maple syrup

6. organic vanilla extract

Enjoy the whole batch by yourself, I promise you wont feel guilty! And if you happen to save some for the kids, I promise they won't think they're too "healthy" to eat.


xo HZ

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