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Heather's Haul:


For my last stop on my MarketFair Spring Fashion Haul, I went to check out my favorite category of clothing: athleisure wear! Keeping in mind the "new neutrals" I've shared in my two previous Haul videos, I'm showing you more of the looks that will last a long time! 

I don't know about you, but because the majority of my pieces are timeless, (adding trends into my wardrobe in different ways such as through accessories), I don't have to constantly change over my clothing. I've had most of my pieces for over ten years! That's the way you invest in yourself for the long term, without having to constantly be shopping for the latest and greatest. If you shop using the tips I share with you, you'll find that you can incorporate your current pieces with many great new pieces that you want, not need. And the pieces you want will last a lifetime, as opposed to super trendy options that last a short time.

First look:

Conscious Crop $59; Trekkie North Jogger $89; Mindset Sweatshirt $69, all available at Athleta at MarketFair, Princeton


Second look:

Oxygen 2.0 Tank $59; Ultra High Rise Elation 7/8 Tight $89; Racer Running Free Jacket Print $148, all available at Athleta at MarketFair, Princeton

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