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Heather's Haul:

Francesca's at MarketFair

Spring Trends
Pink Flowers Illustration

Guess what?! Florals are trending for Spring, can you believe it?! (Insert sarcastic tone)...

Every year flowers are trending when the weather shifts from cold blustering winds to beautiful buds popping up everywhere. And don't get me wrong, it's one of the repetitive trends that I happen to love, however, it's time to switch up how we wear these blooms to keep our #ootd pics looking fresh! Is that dorky to say? #ootd? Is that still a thing?! #Idon'tusehashtagsbutmaybeIshould

In this segment of Heather's Haul, I style Maria in two different looks and show you how to accessorize in different ways to change up your outfits. When I style clients, my goal is to always select pieces that they can mix and match and use for seasons to come. That's exactly what I'll show you here, as well as two of my favorite colors for the season, and why you're not too old to wear a jumpsuit! But here's a bonus...your daughter/niece/sister/friend can also wear this particular jumpsuit so you're really getting a lot of bang for your buck! Did I mention it's only $54? You're welcome;)

First look:

Button Front Smocked Shorts $38; Tracy Sweater Tank Top $38; Trinity Burnout Floral Kimono $44, all available at Francesca’s at MarketFair, Princeton


Second look:

Fia Panama Braided Band Hat $34; Riley Button Front Cardigan $48, both available at Francesca's at MarketFair, Princeton

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