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Ever since I was a little girl I can remember piling on layers of accessories and being inventive with every piece I wore. From charm necklaces draped over me to using charms from that same necklace as my earrings aka "eargings" as I called them, accessories were always my thing. 

Not much has changed throughout the years, especially in my adulthood.

Too much is NEVER enough when it comes to bling, when it's done the right way of course.

As you can see from the pictures in this post, I layered on three different bold necklaces (two from J.Crew, one from Forever 21 that I've had for years). Three is my favorite number, and I love working with odds, so that's the reasoning behind that. 

Depending on the current fashion trends, sometimes we're told by fashion "rule makers" not to wear big earrings with a big necklace, or less is more. Perhaps less is a bore? I tend to sway both ways when it comes to accessorizing.

Sometimes I layer it on, like really layer it on, as you can see in my pics above and below. Big earrings, lots of sparkly show stopping necklaces, cocktail rings on more than one finger and of course, stacks of bracelets. There was a time some years back when I was SO into cocktail rings that you couldn't catch me anywhere not wearing at least one amazing treasure on my finger that basically was the size of my hand. I even sketched my own cocktail ring line and have quite the collection to chose from on any given day

Then I went through a phase where simplicity was more the mood I gravitated toward. On most days I don't wear earrings (even though I have a ridiculous collection and three holes in each ear), but I always wear a stack of bracelets on both wrists and my favorite dainty rings that I never take off. Occasionally I wear a simple necklace, but for someone with quite the collection of accessories (literally every single kind), most days I don't wear a necklace either. But when I'm going out to an event, it's show time!

Whatever your preference, it's all good! As long as you're confident rocking it, who is someone to tell you that it's not in style? I have ALWAYS been a big advocate for creating your own personal style.

With that being said, I'm so excited that this spring is all about MAJOR accessories! The bigger, the bolder, the blingier, the better!

Get ready to layer on your favorite jewels, circa childhood when you'd play dress up in your mother's closet with her favorite pieces, and embrace originality!

Can't wait to see how creative you can be!

xo HZ

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