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Discover your body's unique blue print with a

20 second test that will change your life 

Running Machine

Do you want to get better results from your workouts?

Whether you're an athlete, an avid runner, or just beginning to embrace exercise, you will learn if you should be engaging in power based sports, if your muscles recover fast or slow, if you're prone to injury, and how you should be exercising. A sports dietician will customize a game plan specifically for you.

Bagel Sandwich

Do you have food sensitivities? Gluten, lactose, etc.

Do you suffer from bloating, inflammation, headaches, or fatigue? Does caffeine affect your body? This test is your personal blueprint that will uncover all of your food sensitivities and get you on the road to feeling better. A nutritionist will customize a specific diet tailored to your personal needs based off your DNA.


Do you know what vitamins you should be taking?

Do you have a cabinet full of supplements and vitamins, but are unsure of which ones to take? You will discover if you have vitamin deficiencies, such as calcium, iron and B12. You will receive information on what your body is lacking, and what vitamins and minerals you should be taking. 

Raffaele Lauretta, Co-Founder and CEO of Athletic Genetix gives us a closer look at the test, who it's for and how it will help you.



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