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Everyday I mix metals. Silver and gold bracelets are stacked on my wrists, and the thin gold rings on three of my fingers are mainstays that I never take off. I add my silver monogrammed pinky ring, and layer on more gold, silver, rose gold or pewter rings.


The idea of mixing metals used to be considered "tacky" or a fashion faux pas, but those days are long over. Personally, I never believed that it wasn't anything less than chic to mix metals. 

In addition to jewelry, I also mix silver and gold in my outfits from jackets to booties. In the above outfit picture, I paired my two favorite metallics for a really standout look.


Below are some of my metallic shoes, and you can even see a couple of pairs that are gold AND silver.

How do you mix your metals? Sound off in the comment box below.

xo HZ

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