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Dynamic Duo

One of my favorite things to do with my son is shop. Not for myself of course. We are usually on the hunt for unbelievably adorable and fashion forward pieces for him (I say “we” loosely - as if he has any say in this lol). Zara, Baby Gap, Nordstrom and H&M Kids are just a few of my personal favorite stores to shop for his everyday wear.


I always love dressing Santino in more “mature” grown-up looking pieces as opposed to more “predictable” infant and toddler clothing. 


For those seeking to expand their child’s wardrobe I highly recommend Zara. It's my favorite store for my son. The items are well made and very fairly priced. I also tend to find tons of items on Etsy. I envision outfits in my head and when I can’t find them in stores I resort to Etsy and trust me, nine out of 10 times I can find what I want. Beanies and scarves are a great example of items to buy on Etsy, since many stores don’t carry these pieces for babies and toddlers. 


My outfit:

Usually, I am very simple when it comes it my attire. I stick to neutrals, and always layer. This way I can either dress an outfit up or down, according to where we end up that day.  I'm wearing a casual, black tank top from Forever 21,  my go-to black jeans from Topshop, a Louis Vuitton monogram belt, black lace-up booties and a denim button-down shirt I purchased years ago from Victoria Secret.


My accessories:

I always feel more polished and put together when I'm wearing a pair of classic black sunglasses. These are Saint Laurent "SL 1" glasses. My backpack is a diaper bag that I found on Instagram. 


























Santino's outfit:

His casual grey onesie is from Target, paired with 7 For All Mankind jeans (a gift from Heather), Dr. Martens I found online (no stores carried baby sizes) and a scarf and beanie from Etsy. I pulled this look together with a 7 For All Mankind flannel (also from Heather!), that I tied around his waist. Not only does he look adorable and stylish with a flannel around his waist, but it's obviously functional for when it gets cold out.













Dressing your children should be easy and fun! Try mixing and matching brands and never be too matchy matchy!  Lastly, always accessorize. For boys play with different hats, sunglasses, scarves and sneakers (swap out colored laces for a fresh way to update any pair). The options are endless. 


Stay smiling! Jennifer 

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