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And all these years later, I am still drawn to a stand out shoe. Whether they're designer, or a random pair from a website I stumbled up, I love them all the same. From a silver collection of Jimmy Choos to bold and bright butterfly Sophia Webster sandals, to colorful sneakers and high top sneaker wedges, plus everything (literally) in between, I love them all. 

For years, I wore heels everywhere - to work, to events, to outings with friends. And at the time, my motto was, "fashion before feeling, beauty is pain." These days I'm singing a different tune and have really embraced the idea of comfort. I still wear my heels out to dinners and events, but during the day, I opt for a cool pair of sneakers (usually Nike's or Vans) or a pair of Uggs in the winter, and flat sandals during the warmer months. 

Ever since I can remember, I've always had a complete love affair with shoes. I can recall being in 7th grade and spotting silver low top Dr. Martens with the black stripe down the side from Nordstrom and automatically knowing that I needed to have them. They were on trend, yet different, and unlike my classmates who wore the black high top version only, I always wanted to be different. The thing is, being different just came naturally. I veered off course in terms of fashion, but didn't purposely choose something because of a need to stand out. Does that make sense? That reminds me of the time in 8th grade where the powder blue patent pumps were not only my favorites, but caught the eye of my stylish Spanish teacher, who had me remove my shoes during class, so she could parade around in them!

And although I have a pretty solid collection of designer shoes across the board, I really enjoy a "find," just like in every other aspect of my life. I peruse Zara when I'm looking for trendy boots, find myself on websites I've never heard of adding items to my cart, and always take a quick glance through the shoe selection at Target, TJMAXX and Marshall's. I know where to go for designer shoes, but it's the hunt of finding a pair for the fraction of the cost, that I know most people won't have, that excites me the most.

From front to back: Nike, & Sneaker Lounge, Westwood; Isabel Marant,; Silver sneaker wedges, Target; Studded sneaker wedges, Zara; Nike boots,; Brown fold-over boots, Steve Madden

I couldn't possibly show you every pair I own, but I hand picked a bunch that always stand out to me. 

I hope you enjoying browsing my shoe collection as much as I do!


xo HZ

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