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Gift Giving Ideas

In this segment of Heather's Haul, I've curated items for kids and adults who enjoy out-of-the-box-thinking. Since events are looking different these days, one constant is a GIFT! From presents that "pop," to gifts that clear away germs and bad ju-ju, to a few favorites in between, each of these unique wonders is sure to delight! 


Whether you're the host or the guest, I think we can all agree that giving and receiving gifts spark joy in all of us.  And perhaps now more than ever is the best time to send a little "I'm thinking of you," or "thank you for coming" gift as a token of appreciation to brighten someone's day. 


(From left to right)












An online lifestyle boutique based in Jersey, the owner of, curates goods that are sustainable and created by women. 


1. Nomads and Settlers Rose Water Hydrosol for $20 offers the perfect mid-day spritz to refresh and rejuvenate your face, especially when you can take a break from wearing a mask! Perfect for a fun feminine favor for your guests to take home. 

2. Nomads and Settlers Floral Bundle Sage Wands for $36 are the prettiest and most functional gift to give anyone as a favor (makes a great addition to a table scape next to each person's plate), and also serves as the most thoughtful gift for a new homeowner. Sage bundles, also known as smudge sticks, are a great tool for getting rid of bad energy, improving mood, memory, and focus, and much more! However, perhaps the most important quality of sage in our current climate, is the cleansing qualities. Sage is known to clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria and allergens like dust, mold, and pet dander. Bye bye Lysol! 


3. Uno Atelier Mia Face Planters for $30 each, are the most precious treasure for any tiny plant lover! Also doubling as a great display piece for a table, this small but mighty plant holder (perfect for succulents) is made from clay and comes in four colors. Any one of these delightful finds from, or a combo of all, would make the perfect gift to bring to any event. 


Angie's Tables are beautifully curated tablescapes centered around creating memorable moments at the dinner table.

1. Angie's Tables Love is in the Air Tablescape $99.99. While we're all spending more time at home, why not make every meal special and incorporate your fine china and favorite cutlery with a little help from Angie?! Perfect for the hostess to use at her next intimate dinner party, you'll wow your guests with everything you need to create a simple tablescape. Almost everything you need comes folded neatly in a box, complete with step-by-step instructions! This would also be a perfect present for the new couple who just bought their first home! 


A super creative Mahwah mom is the talent behind Butterfly Blossom Co. Offering handcrafted, fun, and personalized items are bound to make any celebration for your little love that much more special. 


1. Crayon Name Sets start at $15.95 and can be tailored to your favorite color, or multiple colors, with or without glitter, in any letter(s) and fun shapes such as bunnies, Legos, and hearts! The most perfect party favor for every young tot, these crayons are not only cute and totally usable, but a super creative alternative to your typical party favor. All sets come packaged in a personalized kraft box, wrapped with ribbon. 


2. Easter Pennant Flag for $15 is a special addition to any basket, tablescape, or place setting!


3. Paint Your Own Name kits starting at $15.95 are made with non-toxic plaster of Paris and come with five paint colors and paint brushes. Another excellent alternative to bringing a treat to school for your kid's birthdays! 


Poppables by Vee are perhaps the most fun we've had "opening" a present in a while!

1. Happy Birthday Poppable starts at $55 and is filled with all sorts of delicious goodies and even more balloons that come flying out once you pop it! Custom made by a Fort Lee mom, "Poppables," are the most fun-filled way to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience while gift giving! Tailored to your theme, holiday, event, and/or special occasion, the balloons are sure to grab the attention of everyone in the room, and that's before they really get to discover everything that lies within them! 


2. Easter Supreme Poppable for $75 is such a fun way to surprise your kids with an inventive twist on an Easter basket! Filled with a sticker book, crayons, chalk bucket, candy, peeps, bubbles, toys, kinetic sand, Playdoh, and MORE, there's no doubt that your kids will be delighted to receive this amazing display!


3. Home Sweet Home Poppable starting at $55 can also be personalized with Prosecco, candy, candles, silk flowers, and more.


Alpha-Lit New Jersey is the new "IT" selfie moment at any gathering! Whether it's a birthday parade, a Sweet 16, wedding, Bat or Bar Mitzvah, small backyard get together, or anything in between, these three foot Marquee letters will literally make a statement at your next soiree. And P.S. you don't need a fancy occasion to rent these show-stopping letters and numbers, because they are THAT cool, that they don't need a reason to be invited to the party!


1. Letters are 3ft tall and start at $50 each to rent.

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