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In the northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year (and shortest night), the official start of summer and a day that is celebrated by many, especially in the yoga community. Yogis around the world practice Yoga Malas, a series of 108 sun salutations to celebrate, give thanks to the sun and its energy, and to give a warm welcome to the summer. 


Summer Solstice is also known as a great time to set new intentions as we enter into a new season. It's a time to cleanse and clear our spaces of the old, while making room for the new. It’s also known to be linked with love.  Make it a priority to surround yourself with things and people you love. Offer yourself love and stay open to receive it.  

While I love the changing of the seasons, for me, summer is my favorite. I feel the most liberated and get excited to recharge. Some of my intentions that I set include allowing myself to be less rigid and more free, and taking my workouts and meditations outdoors among nature.  


I have a beautiful ritual to cleanse my house that I love to practice during solstice. 


Recharge your space: Let go of the old, and stay open to the new.

During the early morning of Summer Solstice I set a glass bowl filled with fresh water under the sunlight. I allow the sun to charge the water with its powerful energy for several hours. Anytime before sundown, sprinkle that water around your house, paying close attention to all corners and closets. Don't forget to sprinkle yourself with it too!

As you sprinkle the charged water, ask the universe to cleanse your home and yourself from any negativity and from all that no longer serves you, while allowing all the positivity that’s meant for you to make its way into your life.  Afterward, burn white sage or a sage bundle allowing its smoke to cleanse and remove all negativity as you repeat the same words or a specific mantra or prayer. 


To celebrate with me, I'm offering a free Summer Solstice LiYa Method Yoga class. 


Thursday, June 21


Crush’d Garage 

15 Broadway


To register call 201.282.2110 and mention The BCB


Love & Light, Maritza

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