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I am a huge fan of oversized sweatshirts and sometimes, find myself shopping in the men's department. I mean why not? When I was helping a male client shop at Century 21 recently, I saw this Calvin Klein sweatshirt and immediately knew I had to have it. Ladies, instead of being fixated on the size (this is an XL - in the MEN'S department)! Focus on the fit, the style, the details, the future outfits the clothing item can be a part of, and most importantly, how you feel when you're wearing the garment. I love the old school feeling of this sweatshirt (it automatically brought me back to sixth grade when I saw it- do you feel me)? The ribbon detailing going down the sleeves is why I wanted it in the first place.

Dior's "J'ADIOR" ribbon sling back pumps, out right now, are extremely coveted, and my Zara boots (picture above), also have ribbon detailing and are a stand out everywhere I go. We are seeing so many big brands (Balenciaga, Tommy Hilfiger, Supreme, Vetements, Louis Vuitton - obviously) splatter their logos more than ever on everything from jackets, to handbags, to jeans. The truth is, we recycle styles in fashion on a regular basis, and while these big logos used to be on the "IT" list, years ago, then became taboo and "uncool" to walk around with handbags and clothing that were dripping in logos, here we are, back again, on the label train. It all comes full circle. Everything in fashion ALWAYS does. Which leads me to my next point.


Be mindful when you're getting rid of clothing, jewelry or accessories. I'm not suggesting you become a fashion hoarder, or "collector" like I prefer to call it, and don't get me wrong, I donate a TON of clothing, but be selective and try to think ahead. 

I remember a time when I never thought pointy toe pumps would come back into style. I rocked them throughout college, and then buried them in the back of my closet until one day after a long sit down interview with the shoe king himself, Stuart Weitzman. Mr. Weitzman uncovered some inside information to me...pointy toe pumps were making a comeback! And thankfully, I still had my beloved pair from college and obviously many many more.

In general when it comes to fashion, keep an open mind. Don't make hard and fast rules for yourself. And if you find yourself perusing the men's department, good for you sister!


xo HZ

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