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Every spring we search for that one new it bag that will take us into the warmer months and hopefully become a staple in our wardrobe for seasons to come. 

I promise you, there's no need to look any further. You just found your it bag.

A few years ago, #handmadebyHeather

emerged from its chrysalis.

–The story behind the bags–

I was looking for a creative outlet, and wanted to make a bag that was fun, fashion forward (but not trendy), versatile and very reasonably priced.

My grandmother always loved the butterfly bushes my parent's had in their backyard. She, was fascinated and completely in awe of the beautiful and majestic winged creatures.

After my grandmother passed away, my dad planted a butterfly bush in her backyard as a memorial, and to commemorate her beautiful life. Boy did those butterflies swarm!

Every time we spotted a butterfly it was nothing short of magnificent and emotional, yet, oddly very comforting, as we soon realized without a shadow of a doubt, that the colorful, spectacular butterflies, were my grandmother.

 I wanted to connect with people who also shared a love, and for many, a sentimental connection to butterflies. 

#handmadebyHeather bags add a pop of color to every outfit (casual and dressy), they never go out of style, and they hold a very special meaning to carry close.

All bags are $65 each and come with a gold chain to wear cross-body, on your shoulder, and of course, as a clutch. The available styles are marked "Spring 2018" below. Order instructions are at the bottom of the post.

xo HZ






Subject: #handmadebyHeather

Message: Color of bag(s) and butterfly color from "Spring 2018" pictures (labeled above), your shipping address, and your PayPal email for invoice to be sent to.

Thanks! Message sent.

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