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For centuries crystals have been used for meditation and healing.  Today, they have become more mainstream and you will find crystals also being used as jewelry, and home and office décor.  That could be because many people are understanding the power of their healing properties and high vibrations to attract positivity and ward off negativity.  

Have you ever walked into a shop and become completely enamored by a crystal?  That is your intuition making a connection with that specific crystal.  Whatever you might be feeling or needing in your life at that moment is what that specific crystal has to offer.  Next time, grab it!  Take it home and make it yours!

Here’s what to do next:


Cleanse your crystal:  Crystals pick up a lot of different energies.  Once you have your new crystal (or crystals) the best and quickest way to cleanse it is to set it on a windowsill under the sunlight, or under the light of a full moon (I prefer the full moon).


Set your intention:  Once your crystals have been cleansed grab one in your hand and set your intention.  What would you like the crystal to help you with?  If you don’t know the specific healing properties of your crystals, see my quick guide below. And remember, if your energy connected with the crystal in the first place, there's a reason for it.  If you’ve chosen a crystal for its specific healing property, set your intention around that.  


How to use:  You can carry the crystal in your pocket or purse and hold in your hand whenever you feel the need.  To meditate you can hold it in one hand or more than one in both hands, and if you have a geode or cluster simply place it near you. 


Crystals bath rituals:  A peaceful crystal bath is a great way to recharge and connect with your inner self and offer yourself some self-love. One of my favorites – Rose Quartz, some rose petals with a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I let them sit in the bath for a few minutes before submerging myself into the water field of unconditional love.


Crystals for the home and office:  Using crystals as home or office décor can be a little tricky as they have such powerful energy affects in their environment.  If used correctly, crystals can amplify the energy of an entire space.  More on crystals for home décor on another post but for now try this:  Want to invoke the feeling of more love and calm in the bedroom?  Add a couple of Rose Quartz and Amethyst clusters on your nightstands.  At the office, to help you stay grounded and ward off electromagnetic radiation from your computer and other technical devices, place a Shungnite pyramid or stones on your desk.  













Note:  Crystals should be cleansed once a month.  After every cleanse, you will need to recharge them with your intentions.  


Here's a guide to my favorite crystals and their healing properties: 


Amethyst – Highest vibration stone; spirituality protective; powerful meditation aid; dispels negative energy; alleviates worry, anxiety and fear.


Green Amethyst – Attracts prosperity; opens crown and third eye chakras; wards off negativity.


Rose Quartz – Unconditional love; self-love and love from others; strengthens relationships; calm.


Clear Quartz – Earth’s most powerful healing and energy-amplifying stone; protects against negativity; useful for all types of healing on all levels.


Jade – Known as the stone of prosperity, good luck and great wealth; great emotional healer; keeps vitality up.

I buy mine at The Zen Shops at The Shops at Riverside.

Let me know if you have any questions about your crystals.

Love & light, Maritza

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