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Photography by Andrew Livanos

Energy Running Jacket $125; Energy Moto Legging $135

Athleisure is a term that has become mainstream over the last couple of years, but those of us in the fashion realm have been dressing this way for quite sometime. When I think of the term "athleisure," two things come to mind: 1. clothing that I can live in and 2. clothing that I can workout in. I am so excited to share a brand with you that is successfully mastering both of those tasks. The detailing from the materials they work with, to the tags, is luxurious and a must have addition to your wardrobe. 

VOICE OF INSIDERS (VOI) believes that "the space we live in is heavily embedded with technology as we enter into a completely digital world. The obvious impact that technology has started to have on apparel further enhances the belief that the future of fashion technology is in materials, the materials that we live in everyday. VOICE OF INSIDERS is a performance streetwear brand that blends material technology and functionality while retaining a gender free aesthetic."

The simplicity of the garments, mixed with a casual cool vibe, that is highly functional and fashionable, is a major win in my book. 

To purchase the looks below go to and use code THEBCB for 15 percent off.

Energy Moto Jacket $195; Raglan Strip Tee $65; Energy Moto Legging $135

Crop Tee $45; Energy Moto Sweatpants $130

Parachute Parka $195; Crop Tee $45; Energy Moto Sweatpants $130

Double Zipper Aviator Jacket $175; Energy Moto Legging $135

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