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Heather and Jennifer choose their favorite go-to winter polishes that will keep your nails looking hot through the coldest months.

Heather's picks (clockwise from top):

1. Essie "Cocktail Bling"-This shade of gray is truly a gem in my eyes. Light enough to be the perfect neutral, and dark enough to stand out. 

Westwood Beauty Supply, Westwood $4.99

2. Fresh Paint "Bonna Blue"-Can you say statement in the snow?! This blue is icy and bold, the perfect combination.

Five Below, Ramsey $2 each or 3 for $5

3. Essie "Bobbing for Baubles"-This deep shade of gray with a hint of blue has been a winter staple of mine for many years. 

Westwood Beauty Supply, Westwood $4.99

4. O.P.I "The Thrill of Brazil"-This is such a good shade of red because it's a true red, as opposed to having orange undertones. 

Westwood Beauty Supply, Westwood $4.99

5. Essie "No More Film"-Who doesn't love dark nail polish, especially on short natural nails? So chic! This deep purple will be a mainstay in your collection.

Westwood Beauty Supply, Westwood $4.99

6. Essie "Off Tropic"-I just love green, especially a dark shade. It's the color you'll be wearing as you rock around the Christmas tree.

Westwood Beauty Supply, Westwood $4.99

xo HZ

Jennifer's picks (clockwise from top):

  1. Essie “Blanc” -I live for this perfect, bright white color. It is so incredibly flattering on all skin tones and works any season. However, I have found that the formula gets clumpy and too thick to apply the longer you have the (once opened) bottle. So, as long as you keep a fresh bottle of this staple color you are golden. 

  2. OPI “All I Want For Christmas”-Hello cherry red! This creme formula applies smooth and works great on fair skin. I love the bold, bright color and will always opt for this shade around the holidays. 

  3. Essie “Minimalistic”-The perfect pale pink, especially when you're tan. I tend to wear this color for events because it looks so clean on my nails. I suggest three coats for optimum color and no streaks. 

  4. OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”-I discovered this goth, dark purple years ago while getting my pedicure. The woman next to me had this color on her toes and I had to know what it was (never be afraid to ask fellow nail enthusiasts what color they are wearing - I’ve discovered most my faves this way)! This has become my staple color for the cold, winter months and looks great with everything!

  5. Essie “High Maintenance”-On the hunt for the perfect shade of sheer pink? Look no more! This color has a hint of iridescence to it and lots of shine, perfect for the spring and summer months. I recommend applying at least three coats for more impact. 

(All from Westwood Beauty Supply, Westwood $4.99 each)

Stay smiling! Jennifer

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